Tuesday, November 30

River, Run

The Marikina river overflowed last night, swallowing the River Park evening market whole. We watched, helpless, motionless. We salvaged what we could, but it was not much. The water rose too fast, and too furious. This morning, W surveyed what was left of the stalls and found nothing.

The River Park area, with almost a hundred shops, was wiped clean. No tents, no tables, no lamp posts. It was like those two months never existed.

Bye, bye Red Corner.


starshuffler said...

I heard about that, and the first thought on my mind was W's stall! :-(

I hope everything is okay, despite.

M said...

Quirky aside: Red Corner lives on, but in a different guise. Red Corner's the name of a boxing club in Alabang. Kapow!

Stay warm and dry, sweetie.